Personal Trainer in Somerset

What is a Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer is your motivator, your encyclopedia and your best friend.

With the technical and personal knowledge to inspire, motivate and train a range of clients

Firstly I’m here to listen to assess your wants and needs. That may be help with weight lose and nutrition.

You may need cookery advice, for recipe ideas or cooking lessons.

You may have fitness or a sporting goal I can help you to achieve.

You may suffer from depressive or a physical illness that needs considerate professional help to make you feel better.

Or you just need a little push in the right direction, or a big injection of motivation or may be help with technique and posture of exercises. A personal Trainer is here to improve your lifestyle, from health fitness and overall wellbeing whether you young or old, or like me … somewhere in the middle.

In today’s society we are bombarded with conflicting advice on diet and fitness. It has become a minefield to work out what to do. A Personal Trainer is at hand to clarify right from wrong in a constructive, easy to understand manner. In turn along with motivation and support you will reach your chosen goals.

Ruth Sedgwick